A Real Dialogue: Christopher Scott Pt. 1


Ty Adams(@TheRealDeal_Ty), Dequan Mitchell(@Mr.dqm), and Zach Beauchemin(@_b_e_a_u_c_h_) sit down with Christopher Scott(@HRenewedHope). Christopher Scott was falsely convicted of murder and incarcerated for 13 years before being exonerated.

After his exoneration, Scott started a nonprofit called House of Renewed Hope. According to their website, House of Renewed Hope is “dedicated to working to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners.” Scott is also the subject of award-winning documentary True Conviction. This film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and is slated to be turned into a television drama on CBS. 

This interview is broken into parts as it is very long. On this episode Scott takes us back to that day in 1997 that changed his life forever.


Visit HouseOfRenewedHope.Org and be sure to follow Christopher Scott on Twitter(@hrenewedhope) to keep in touch and find out ways that you can be a part of the solution.

Thank you to Carolina Beach producer Some Guy Ty(@SomeGuyTyMusic) for letting me use his track “Stigma” off the album Beat Botany Vol.III. You can purchase this song or album here.


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