LINC & NC Justice Center to Launch “Second Chance Mobility Project”

From LINC:

WILMINGTON- February 15th, 2018 –

LINC is excited to announce a new partnership with the NC Justice Center
in piloting the “Second Chance Mobility Project”, an innovative legal
services delivery model that provides pro bono legal representation
to low-income households to restore their driving privileges. Our
hope is that this effort will decrease the number of people at risk of
being cycled into the criminal justice system based on inability to pay
traffic court costs and fines.

New Hanover and Pender Driver’s License Restoration Project
Instructions for Referral Agencies/Partners

The Driver’s License Restoration Project is staffed by LINC, the NC
Justice Center, and the NC Pro Bono Resource Center with support
from the UNC School of Law, District Attorney Ben David’s Office, and
the New Hanover Local Reentry Council.

The goal of the project is to restore driving privileges for people
whose driver’s licenses are suspended based on inability to pay
traffic court fees and fines. Project services are free for participants.
Once a person is referred to the project, a representative from LINC
will contact them to register the person for services by March 1, 2018.
People determined to be eligible and enrolled may receive free legal
services from the NC Justice Center, including review of the
participant’s driving record and, where appropriate, requesting that
the court reduce or eliminate a fee or fine and restore driving
eligibility based on evidence of the person’s inability to pay. Please
only refer individuals that meet each of the following criteria: Driver’s
license is currently suspended for failure to pay a fine or a fee for a
traffic offense(s). The traffic offense(s) occurred in New Hanover
County and/or Pender County. The person identifies as being unable
to afford to pay the fine(s) or fee(s). The person consents to referral.
A person whose driver’s license is suspended for multiple reasons
can be referred as long as the criteria above is satisfied (meaning at
least one of the reasons for the suspension was a failure to pay for a
traffic offense in New Hanover or Pender counties). Referrals should
be emailed to ​​. Referrals must
be submitted by Friday, February 16, 2018. At this time, the Driver’s
License Restoration Project is only able to take 100 referrals.
Referrals received after February 16, 2018, or beyond our initial 100
referral capacity will be prioritized to receive future services the
project is able to provide, if any. If you have questions about this form
or project services, please call (910) 332-1144. Please leave a
voicemail with your name, phone number, and question

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