Press Conference to Be Held Today at 1898 Memorial Park in Response to Trump’s NFL Statement

There will be a press conference today at 5pm in 1898 memorial park in response to Trump’s recent NFL Statement. All are in encouraged to attend and gather in defiance of white supremacy.

From FB Event page:

“Our veterans fought to defend our constitutional right to protest .

We appreciate the courage of Rev Dr King , a man of peace who protested and gave his life for freedom in this nation . It is our responsibility to carry the torch there is still work to be done.

We appreciate the courage of Kaepernick and other protestors and stand in solidarity because “Black Lives Matter”

We believe that the statement made by the 45th was deplorable and inexcusable when he referred to the protestors as “Son of Bit@@ ” as a result we will refuse to stand up or to pledge to the American flag at any public event as a national peaceful protest in support of our constitutional right to protest the injustice imposed on black people and the nation .

The press conference will take place on Monday at 1898 Monument in Wilmington NC at 5pm we hope to see you .”

Link to Facebook Event:


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