The Dub City Heartbeat Podcast: Christopher Everett

Picture of Chris Everett explaining
Chris Everett breaking down the 1898 Massacre

The pilot episode of the Dub City Heartbeat podcast! Zach Beauchemin, Ty Adams, & Peter Castagno chopped it up with creator of Wilmington on Fire, Christopher Everett. We took a dive into his process of making the film and talked 1898. We also address the gentrification going on in Wilmington today, as well as some of the other prominent issues facing the black community in the Port City. Do you think the name of Hugh MacRae park should be changed? What has the city and state done to address some of the lasting effects of the 1898 massacre? Where is that machine gun they used in the massacre? All these questions will be answered below in the first ever Dub City Heartbeat podcast. Questions/Comments? Please let us know in the comments section below or send us an email:



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