The Dub City Heartbeat Podcast: Dr. Kenneth R Janken on The Wilmington 10

Dr. Kenneth R. Janken is a UNC Chapel Hill Professor and author of The Wilmington 10: Violence, Injustice, and the Rise of Black Power Politics in the 1970s. On this episode of the Dub City Heartbeat Podcast we speak with Dr. Janken about the climate in Wilmington during integration.  African Americans in Wilmington faced the brunt of desegregation after the New Hanover County School Board decided to close the black high school (Williston) and split African American students between the two white high schools (Hoggard and New Hanover).

Dr. Janken explains how a non-violent school boycott was turned violent by militant white supremacists and how negligence on part of the mayor, Wilmington PD, and New Hanover County Sheriffs allowed and encouraged that violence. The violence following the boycott resulted in a group of peaceful students and young activists being framed and sentenced to a total of 282 years in prison, while white aggressors got off scoff free.

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