The Dub City Heartbeat Podcast: Frankie Roberts LINC






On this episode of the Dub City Heartbeat podcast we sat down with Frankie Roberts. Roberts is a Port City native and founder of LINC. He was inspired to start LINC after the passing of his brother, who had struggled with addiction and incarceration. On this episode Roberts and Beauchemin talk about the phenomenon in America that has become known as the School to Prison Pipeline. Additionally, this episode also focuses on the trials and tribulations faced by someone formerly incarcerated returning to society. Unfortunately in Wilmington and the United States in general, a person who was once incarcerated faces a lifetime of punishment and discrimination regardless of the severity of their crime or length of their incarceration.


To donate to LINC and see how you can get involved click here.

Intro Track: “Eternalist Master” by RizzyBeats of the Beats & Coffee Producer Collective.

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