The Irony of Chairman Higgins Invoking MLK

Chairman of the New Hanover County School Board, Ed Higgins, quoted words from MLK at the 50 Year Commemoration last Wednesday. As an admirer of Dr. King, it seems odd he would want to delay the redistricting of New Hanover County High Schools, a move that would increase ethnic and socio-economic diversity in our schools, and not to mention, drastically reduce the number of students in overcrowded high schools. Chairman Higgins brought up busing, a red flag for many already concerned about disrupting their child’s education. However, the potential plans that have been submitted to the school board thus far do not involve significant changes to busing, as they just involve relatively minor shifting of existing district lines. Many question whether Higgins move to take a strong stand against “busing”, despite the fact that it was not a part of plans for redistricting thus far, was political in nature.  Chairman Ed Higgins, along with other long standing school board members, is up for reelection this fall.


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