Your condemnation of the Klan is great, but don’t stop there.

I, like many Americans, am appalled by the events that occurred in Charlottesville this past weekend. Watching that graphic video of a car run over a crowd of innocent people nearly brought me to tears. It is depressing that the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups are still going strong in 2017.

However, I am not surprised.

We live in a divided nation.  Though this division seems more prevalent now, with Trump in office, it has been a part of American society for quite some time.

I believe that racism stems from ignorance. It comes from Xenophobia, a fear or lack of understanding of a culture foreign to oneself. A not so distant past of redlining mortgages has made certain more affluent (white) neighborhoods inaccessible to people of color. School redistricting has led to a re-segregation of many public schools. Often these minority schools have less funding and fewer resources. A young black man is more likely to end up in a prison cell than a dorm room.

Speaking out against white supremacy on social media is important, but there is meaningful action that you can take to fight this ignorance.

Here are just a few ideas.

  • Study Black/Latino/Native American history.
  • Put pressure on your local school board to address re-segregation of public schools.
  • Stop supporting political candidates who want to continue the war on drugs (a war waged primarily on communities of color)
  • Study Islam and other prominent world religions that you do not understand.
  • Connect with people who have different backgrounds than your own.
  • Stand up for heroes like Colin Kaepernick, who put their career on the line to fight for social justice.
  • Stop with this #AllLivesMatter nonsense and open a book.

Contact information for the New Hanover County School board can be found here.

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